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“Happy Today”
 by The WoWz

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Chris Maher


"I wanted to be my own boss. Have my own job of work whatever it was, and be on my own hook... Things started to stack up in my head and I just felt like I was going out of my wits if I didn't find some way of saying what I was thinking. The world didn't mean any more than a smear to me if I couldn't find ways of putting it down on something... But canvas is too high priced, and so is paint and costly oils [and] I had to give my pictures away to get anybody to hang them on their wall but for singing a song... they paid me as high as three dollars a night. A picture - you buy it once, and it bothers you for forty years; but with a song, you sing it out, and it soaks in people's ears and they jump all up and down and sing it with you, and then when you quit singing it, it's gone, and you get a job singing it again. On top of that, you can sing out what you think. You can tell tales of all kinds to put your ideas across to the other fellow... Some people liked me, hated me, walked with me, walked over me, jeered me, cheered me, rooted me and hooted me, and before long I was invited in and booted out of every public place of entertainment... I decided that songs was a music and a language of all tongues... And this has held me ever since."

- Woody Guthrie, Bound for Glory

Debut 7-inch


RiYL's inaugural release! Two irreverent songs from NYC's The Morningsides - a collaboration between The WoWz's Sam James and Johnny Dydo and songwriter Chris Maher - pressed on swirled color vinyl. A limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies! Get one while you still can...

[$4.00 PPD - USA || $7.00 PPD - INTERNATIONAL]

Chris Maher - Some Songs! (Tour EP)


Hey: If its good enough for Europe, its good enough for the USA! This limited edition, 6-song CDR was intended as a 'Tour Only' EP to be sold during Chris' Fall 2006 European Tour. Unfortunately, due to shipping delays, Chris didn't receive these until his tour was almost over. As a result, he's returned home with copies remaining and we've decided to make 'em available here at RiYL on a first-come, first-served basis. Once they're gone, they're gone for good!!

[$5.00 PPD - USA || $8.00 PPD - INTERNATIONAL]

Dr. Rhinocerous Compilation (BH001)


The first release from Seattle's Baskerville Hill record label features RiYL artists The WoWz ("Sometimes I Feel Life" from Long Grain Rights) and Chris Maher (the previously unreleased "Ungrown Flowers")! Dr. Rhinocerous also features songs from all of the Baskerville Hill artists, including Throw Me the Statue, Black Bear, The Ponytails and The Altamont. Cool!

[$12.00 PPD - USA || $15.00 PPD - INTERNATIONAL]

'What Was Magnetic'


Chris Maher’s first chapbook of poems and drawings! Features 12 poems and almost as many drawings. Hand-numbered first printing of 100 copies! The first “release” from RiYL Books.