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“Happy Today”
 by The WoWz

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Debut 7-inch  ///  September 18, 2005 07:45 PM  ///  dispatch from Chris!

RiYL's inaugural release! Two irreverent songs from NYC's The Morningsides - a collaboration between The WoWz's Sam James and Johnny Dydo and songwriter Chris Maher - pressed on swirled color vinyl. A limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies! Get one while you still can...

[$4.00 PPD - USA || $7.00 PPD - INTERNATIONAL]

The Morningsides - Debut 7-inch

Side A: Summer Song
Side B: A Mole Hill Is A Mound

All songs by The Morningsides, ©2002 - 2004 Grossmaherdo Music. Recorded by Walter Martin at Marcata Recording, NYC; Mixed by Walter Martin and The Morningsides.

John Dydo: Drums, Backup Vox on "Summer Song".
Sam Grossman: Vox, Bass, Keyboard on "A Mole Hill Is A Mound", Guitar, Backup Vox on "Summer Song".
Chris Maher: Vox, Guitar, Bass on "Summer Song", Guitar, Xylophone on "A Mole Hill Is A Mound".

Limited Edition of 500 Hand-Numbered Copies on Assorted Colored Vinyl.
Released: May 18th, 2004.


TIME OUT NEW YORK: "The Wowz's Sam Grossman and Johnny Dydo join songwriter Chris Maher in the Morningsides, a quirky trio that... wouldn't sound out of place on the Rushmore soundtrack." (June 10th, 2004)

PUNK PLANET: "Rocking pop in the vein of Pavement if Pavement were more influenced by early Rolling Stones... Highly enjoyable." (Nov/Dec 2004)

TASTY FANZINE: "If ever someone had distilled the essence of summer and pressed it on to a slab of vinyl, this is it. Top class summer pop, for these cold winter nights," (November 2004) [READ MORE]

SPLENDID: "The Morningsides know that music based on honesty and a who-gives-a-fuck attitude is far more interesting and endearing than playing by the rules." (September 4th, 2004) [READ MORE]

LEFT OFF THE DIAL: "What a fine specimen of power-pop this little number is, reminiscent of Big Star and those other sad rock n' rollers from the 60s and 70s... Brilliant... If you dig the smart, dark pop or beautifully colored wax, then pick this up. You will not be disappointed." (November 29th, 2004) [READ MORE]

TRAKMARX: "NYC's the Morningsides play 60s garage rock with the emphasis on 50s rock n roll & early Dylan... 'Summer Song' sounds like Pavement sing Dylan. These boys piss all over the Kings Of Leon - & there are NO - repeat after me - NO - moustaches. Result." (October 2004) [READ MORE]

INDIEPAGES.COM: "This is the debut release for both the band and the label, and a good start for each. ['Summer Song' is] a rockin' tune that you'd swear came from Canada... On the flip is 'A Mole Hill Is A Mound', a much quieter song with brushed drums and bells, that sounds almost like a 50s ballad. A fine debut... Let's hope to hear more like this soon! MTQ=2/2." (June 28th, 2004) [READ MORE]

LEFT HIP: "The Morningsides are an NYC band featuring members of The Wowz. Summer Song has a touch of Chuck Berry's Memphis Tennessee. A bluesy, country-tinged, Stonesy, indie-rock Pavement. Really nice, slightly disheveled and loose production from Walter Martin of The Walkmen that very effectively conveys the fun, loose quality of The Morningsides sound." (date unknown) [READ MORE]

BLUE MAG: "On both tracks, the late 60's british pop influences (of both the cockney bad boy and sensitive lad varieties) are tastefully filtered through current lo fi aesthetics, amounting to a quality 7" for any era." (March 9th, 2005)

FOXY DIGITALIS: "[The Morningsides] bring to mind East Coast Canadian bands such as Sloan, Superfriendz, Thrush Hermit and current East Coast darlings the Novaks... The tunes are well written [and] I’d rather listen to these guys than The Hold Steady. 7/10." (June 27th, 2006) [READ MORE]

SMOTHER.NET: "EDITORS PICK. Life isn’t fair when... more people haven’t been gushing over The Morningsides. Brimming with garage rock enthusiasm but without all the bells and whistles and annoying over-production that so many indie artists are blasphemously Pro-Toolin’ away at, 'Summer Song' is not only the perfect debut for a band but also for the aptly titled Recommended If You Like Records... I’ll be recommending both fervently." (Date unknown) [READ MORE]

INDIEVILLE: "From the opening strokes of 'Summer Song' we can see the Malkmusian verbosity and tin-can-songsmithing influence. It's cheery, we're-having-fun pop that's very unassuming and all the better for it... Nice stuff from The Morningsides." (May 2006) [READ MORE]

AIDING AND ABETTING: "A fine little trio that plays vaguely discordant lite pop. Kinda like early Young Fresh Fellows--if the boys never tuned up... I find such nonchalance charming. The songs themselves are gorgeous little gems." (April 2005) [READ MORE]


Single received airplay on many influential independent radio stations including Jersey City NJ's WFMU, Chicago IL's WHPK, Austin TX's KVRX, Boston MA's WMBR, Poughkeepsie NY's WVKR and Davis CA's KDVS!