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“Happy Today”
 by The WoWz

good news

Dr. Rhinocerous Compilation (BH001)  ///  December 24, 2005 09:22 PM  ///  dispatch from Chris!

The first release from Seattle's Baskerville Hill record label features RiYL artists The WoWz ("Sometimes I Feel Life" from Long Grain Rights) and Chris Maher (the previously unreleased "Ungrown Flowers")! Dr. Rhinocerous also features songs from all of the Baskerville Hill artists, including Throw Me the Statue, Black Bear, The Ponytails and The Altamont. Cool!

[$12.00 PPD - USA || $15.00 PPD - INTERNATIONAL]

Various - DR. RHINOCEROS, Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Charge (CD)

01. "The Great Escape" - throw me the statue
02. "Black Bear" - Black Bear
03. "I've Been Thinkin'" - The Altamont
04. "Sexy Rrrexy" - The Ponytails
05. "The Baseball Cards Lament" - throw me the statue
06. "I Believe In Immediacy" - Black Bear
07. "Like a Little Mater Dolorosa's" - The Altamont
08. "Ungrown Flowers" - Chris Maher
09. "Track Star" - The Ponytails
10. "When We Can Teleport, Where Will You Go?" - Black Bear
11. "Sometimes" - Gavroche
12. "Going Back" - in winter
13. "With the Lights Turned Down" - throw me the statue
14. "Golden Bird's Eye" - The Altamont
15. "Sometimes I Feel Life" - The WoWz

Released by Baskerville Hill Records.