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“Happy Today”
 by The WoWz

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Yoko Kikuchi


To answer your question, Yoko Kikuchi was not named after Yoko Ono. She's not the Yoko Kikuchi who plays the piano, either. Yoko grew up in Lower Manhattan and at age 17 left to pursue a degree in "photography", returning four years later to pursue a life of "hanging out and playing music". She worked as a fashion studio temp and a freelance website designer during the period of time when her band, Dream Bitches, formed and began playing shows.

Yoko writes songs to play solo, as well as being the main songwriter for Dream Bitches. She has one release from 2003 called Songs I Wrote For You, and is working on releasing a solo-triple-album in the coming year. Dream Bitches has one album called Sanfransisters (Olive Juice, 2005) and they are currently recording their second album with band member Casey Holford as producer.

From a musical standpoint the songs have been described as "melodic, dreamy", "punky", and "folksy and feminine", whereas the lyrics have been called by some "caustically biting", "bitchy" as well as "sweet", and by others "complex" and "well-thought-out". Yoko finds these adjectives to be acceptable and possibly true.

As well as recording her own projects, Yoko appears as a backing vocalist/harmony composer on a number of recordings by talented artists such as Dan Fishback, Phoebe Kreutz, Dibs, Casey Holford, Josh Malamy, and Andrew Phillip Tipton. She also performs/guest stars in a number of groups, most notably the Kreutzenjammer Kids, Piaf the Eiffel Tower, and the Leader.



Coke-and-Spiriters, Dream Bitches' sophomore album, is packed with snarling pop anthems and hyper-literate acoustic ballads, a concise collection that captures the Bitches at their most vibrant and volatile. OUT NOW!

[$12.00 PPD - USA || $15.00 PPD - INTERNATIONAL]

This Song / That Song EP


This limited edition, 4-song EP features two songs by Yoko Kikuchi (Dream Bitches) and two songs by Casey Holford (Urban Barnyard, Dream Bitches) pressed onto 7-inch vinyl and compact disc. Every copy gets BOTH formats packaged in a beautiful, hand-numbered sleeve. The EP also features Daoud Tyler-Ameen of Art Sorority for Girls. Limited to 500 copies.

[$7.00 PPD - USA || $10.00 PPD - INTERNATIONAL]

Dream Bitches - "sanfransisters" (OJ-0040)


The debut from Dream Bitches on Olive Juice!! "The songs on Sanfransisters are touching, clever and likely to induce bedroom dancing... a perfect punk rock campfire singalong." -

[$12.00 PPD - USA || $15.00 PPD - INTERNATIONAL]