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“Happy Today”
 by The WoWz

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This Song / That Song EP  ///  September 18, 2006 07:51 PM  ///  dispatch from Chris!

This limited edition, 4-song EP features two songs by Yoko Kikuchi (Dream Bitches) and two songs by Casey Holford (Urban Barnyard, Dream Bitches) pressed onto 7-inch vinyl and compact disc. Every copy gets BOTH formats packaged in a beautiful, hand-numbered sleeve. The EP also features Daoud Tyler-Ameen of Art Sorority for Girls. Limited to 500 copies.

[$7.00 PPD - USA || $10.00 PPD - INTERNATIONAL]

Yoko Kikuchi & Casey Holford - This Song / That Song EP (CD+7")

Side A: This Song (YK), The Morning Dumb (YK)
Side B: Slide on a Screen (CH), That Song (CH)


Limited Edition of 500 Copies on Black Vinyl and Compact Disc; Released 12.04.07.