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“Happy Today”
 by The WoWz

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The Morningsides


Johnny Dydo, Sam Grossman, Chris Maher

The "Summer Song" b/w "A Mole Hill Is A Mound" 7-inch single is the first release from the Morningsides, three old friends from New York City who enjoy playing music together. This is what they do:

Johnny Dydo plays the drum kit and sings backup from time to time. Sam Grossman and Chris Maher sing a bit more than Johnny and trade off playing bass and guitar. When they recorded this single at Marcata Recording, Sam played a keyboard, Chris played a toy xylophone and Walter Martin, who plays in the Walkmen, played with the recording equipment.

Sam once said that the Morningsides are like chocolate-coated Pavement or the Monkees covering Edgar Allen Poe. Chris and Johnny don’t disagree, but do feel that “Summer Song” sounds a bit like Chuck Berry and fancy “A Mole Hill Is A Mound” because it reminds them of the original “Summer Song” by Chad & Jeremy. One time, someone said they sounded like the Wonders and everybody laughed.

When they’re not in the Morningsides, each member does his own thing: Johnny records as the Johns and plays in the WoWz with Sam. Sam plays by himself sometimes, and so does Chris, who also plays with his backing band, Criminal Bones. The Morningsides arenʼt sure what kind of fun theyʼll have next, but itʼs certain theyʼll be having it together!

Debut 7-inch


RiYL's inaugural release! Two irreverent songs from NYC's The Morningsides - a collaboration between The WoWz's Sam James and Johnny Dydo and songwriter Chris Maher - pressed on swirled color vinyl. A limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies! Get one while you still can...

[$4.00 PPD - USA || $7.00 PPD - INTERNATIONAL]