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Dream Bitches

Coke-and-Spiriters, the second album from New York’s Dream Bitches, is a combustive culmination of the band’s first five years making music together. Packed with snarling pop anthems and hyper-literate acoustic ballads, this concise collection captures the Bitches at their most vibrant and volatile.

Yoko Kikuchi and Ann Zakaluk, friends and collaborators since their tween years, began the group as a duo in 2003, each fresh out of art school. By the time their first album, Sanfransisters, was released by Olive Juice Music in early 2005, Yoko and Ann had recruited a backing band that would become an integral part of their sound and style. A playful folk-pop affair, Sanfransisters boasted jangly guitars, catchy choruses, and wry lyrics in the wordy tradition of antifolkies Kimya Dawson (K) and Jeffrey Lewis (Rough Trade).

Dream Bitches' sophomore release finds the now five-piece band sporting songs with bigger hooks and biting, schizophrenic subject matter. Where Sanfransisters celebrated friendship, the relationships chronicled on Coke-and-Spiriters are beyond dysfunctional; lyricist Kikuchi's narrators come out swinging on songs like "Bad Luck Bill" and "Maniacal Mechanic," and even sweet couplets like "You're as perfect as I want it / You're as pretty as they come" are spit out like death threats.

Despite the misanthropic lyrics, the music is far from introverted. Dream Bitches' sound has expanded tremendously since their last record—it's bigger, brighter, and bolder than before, a kind of brainy power pop that evokes forebears like the Breeders and contemporaries like Tegan & Sara. Kikuchi and Zakaluk's vocal melodies stagger and intertwine, and their intricate harmonies make every chorus soar.

Coke-and-Spiriters was recorded by Mark Ospovat at Emandee Studios (CocoRosie, Wooden Wand) in Brooklyn, NY, and produced and mixed by Casey Holford (Cheese on Bread, Daouets). It will be released by Recommended If You Like Records on May 20th, 2008, after which the band will play select dates throughout the United States.

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Coke-and-Spiriters, Dream Bitches' sophomore album, is packed with snarling pop anthems and hyper-literate acoustic ballads, a concise collection that captures the Bitches at their most vibrant and volatile. OUT NOW!

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This Song / That Song EP


This limited edition, 4-song EP features two songs by Yoko Kikuchi (Dream Bitches) and two songs by Casey Holford (Urban Barnyard, Dream Bitches) pressed onto 7-inch vinyl and compact disc. Every copy gets BOTH formats packaged in a beautiful, hand-numbered sleeve. The EP also features Daoud Tyler-Ameen of Art Sorority for Girls. Limited to 500 copies.

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Dream Bitches - "sanfransisters" (OJ-0040)


The debut from Dream Bitches on Olive Juice!! "The songs on Sanfransisters are touching, clever and likely to induce bedroom dancing... a perfect punk rock campfire singalong." -

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