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“Happy Today”
 by The WoWz

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Casey Holford

my name is casey.

i'm a twenty-seven-year-old songwriter who grew up on folk music and drawing pictures in southern massachusetts. i started writing songs when i was fourteen. at film school in rhode island i began to enjoy microphones and tape and loud noises and i made my first stab at recording music. at age twenty-two i moved to brooklyn and recorded my first album, "bad spell, good spell." my acoustic folk songs gradually started getting all mixed up with indie rock and 80's pop and hardcore.

i got a job at a recording studio and i began using the wee hours and weekends to work on a new album, recording and mixing by myself. i called in my synth genius brother matt holford (darediablo, southern records), concussive drummer friend michael warren (pio mazzotti), and amazing harmonizers yoko kikuchi and ann zakaluk (dream bitches, olive juice music). i filled in the rest of the blanks myself with guitars, bass, percussion, drums, keys, and loops. i came out with eleven songs about a rollercoaster, a party crasher, relocating, shaving, recorded messages, property damages, sell-outs, sit-ins, deprivation, revelation, and aimless wandering. i called it "all young and beautiful." somewhere in there i also wrote four songs in four days of january 2005 and decided to record them and release an EP called (uhh) "january."

i tried to make recordings that i would want to listen to, with my kind of confusing mix of ideas that i learned from acoustic and electric music, story-telling through pictures and words, and also my love of different kinds of sounds. i put in robotic and organic, cute and ghastly, raw and burnt, sober and silly. and i do like it after all! thanks for reading this.

This Song / That Song EP


This limited edition, 4-song EP features two songs by Yoko Kikuchi (Dream Bitches) and two songs by Casey Holford (Urban Barnyard, Dream Bitches) pressed onto 7-inch vinyl and compact disc. Every copy gets BOTH formats packaged in a beautiful, hand-numbered sleeve. The EP also features Daoud Tyler-Ameen of Art Sorority for Girls. Limited to 500 copies.

[$7.00 PPD - USA || $10.00 PPD - INTERNATIONAL]