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“Maniacal Mechanic”
 by Dream Bitches

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The WoWz - Cool Dump (LV40)  ///  March 30, 2006 02:47 AM  ///  dispatch from Chris!

The "difficult" second record from The WoWz! An epic 16-track lo-fi masterpiece, recorded in early 2005 at by Dashan Coram at Care-a-Lot Studios and mastered at Olive Juice Studios by Major Matt Mason. Originally available only as a hard-to-find CDR from Luv-A-Lot Records, now available as a free 192 kbps MP3 download from RiYL Records!

The WoWz - Cool Dump (CDR / MP3 Download)

01. Blue Wanted
02. LDL
03. Distant + Wide
04. Channel 3
05. (Cool as a Joke)
06. Cloud Words
07. Hand Me Down Heart
08. Wouldn't It Be So Nice
09. (That's Why We're on) Welfare
10. Do You Remember
11. Maybe Someone
12. Out of Focus
13. Unbroken Chain
14. Dense/Cheap
15. Band on the Dump
16. Group with Guitars



All songs by The WoWz, ©2005.

Produced by Dashan Coram
Mastered by Major Matt Mason USA

Simon: guitar, vocals, trumpet
Sam: guitar, bass, vocals, tempers
Johnny: percussion, vocals, timekeeping

(Dashan plays guitar on "Groups with Guitars", Ava sings on "Cloud Words", Linda plays viola on "Hand Me Down Heart".)

Cover Photos: Isabel Freeman
Cover Design: Yumeko Jenkins

YHVH is Lord. The WoWz sing.

CDR Released on 08.31.05, MP3s Released on 06.06.06.